Pocket Shot – Goes anywhere!

Pocket Shot remains the leader in quality when it comes to portable spirits. As the innovators of the “shot in a pouch” niche category in the spirits industry, we continue to grow and share our mouth-watering products around the Nation. Since 2000, we have been providing adults with active lifestyles a new way to enjoy their favorite hard liquor in a portable, environmentally safe way. Learn more about how, and why, we got started to see what makes us so great.

Gone are the days when consumers have to carry full size bottles or small, breakable glass miniature bottles when they go out. With Pocket Shots, you can savor your favorite drink anywhere at any time. Each Pocket Shot spirit is securely sealed in a our famously designed pouch for a near unbreakable, flexible, squish-able, pocket stuff-able experience that ensures you can indulge, making them perfect for active activities, outdoor adventures, and glass restricting venues. Find out more about our mouth-watering products.

Pocket Shots are also perfect for mixed drink enthusiasts, and each product pairs perfectly with your favorite drink mix. Feeling adventurous? Why not mixed a few Pocket Shot spirits with some juice? The possibilities are endless when your favorite drink is as easy to assemble as grabbing a pouch. For drink recipes and great ways to appreciate Pocket Shots, visit our Fan Zone.

● Easy to Carry ● 7 Flavors ● Goes anywhere

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