Hiking with Pocket Shots

Pocket Shot in Colorado

Hiking with pocket shots

Hiking in Colorado can be an exhilarating experience grab some friends and some pocket shots and hit the trails this summer for a unique Colorado experience.   The Pocket Shot team recently explored the trails in Boulder Colorado and along the way we spread the joy of Spirits on the go.  We met up with Mary S. of Arvada and with her was two beautiful black labrador retrievers they were out enjoying a mid morning hike on the very popular Boulder Arch trail.  We kindly asked her if she would be interested tasting one of our premium spirit pocket shots, she was interested in the Vodka ( we knew it ) and after tearing open the top she took the full shot ( kinda surprised us too ).  Mary gave us some honest feedback and it is always appreciated when meeting our target market. Some of the things she mentioned were the easy to open packaging.

If you met us on the trail which shot would you go for?

If you had to guess, how old was Mary?

What trail should we hit up next?

If we organized a trail run would you participate?


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