Inspired from African farm workers


Pocket Shot has a great history imbedded in the foundation and inspiration for its shape and size. During a break while working the hot and humid banana farms in Africa the owner noticed something. When the owner saw his employees carrying around small pouches of liquor, he was inspired. These small portable pouches were much easier to carry than traditional plastic or glass bottles. Back in the United States the owner refined the look, size, shape of the pouch and Pocket Shots was born.

Although the concept was complete the road to production would prove to be extremely challenging for the company. From the very beginning the founders had to source, design and build pieces of equipment that didn’t yet exist.

With a goal in mind to create a user friendly, safe, mass production style pouch that could hold a wide variety of flavors. Pocket Shot has since sourced the best tequila, vodka, brandy, whiskey, gin, rum and spiced rum available for its container.

Today the success of Pocket Shots can be seen in over 35 states sold at thousands of stores and with over 10 million pouches sold year to date. Pocket Shots has proven that it is more than a novelty and that its products are here to stay. So grab yourself a Pocket Shot today add it to your favorite soft drink or cup of coffee, take it with you for a shot on the hiking trail. Pocket Shot is as versatile as its clientele.