Pocket Shot

Our Signature Pouch

Welcome to the portable world of Pocket Shot spirits! Our product is for the outdoor lover, hiker, biker, fisherman, golfer, concert goer or sports fan – whenever you need a premium spirit cocktail.  Pocket Shot is designed to satisfy your thirst for spirits on the go.  With 8 flavors, Pocket Shot offers the largest selection of premium spirits in a pouch on the market.

Our pouch material consists of three unique layers that are laminated to produce an FDA-approved film for contact with the alcohol – a barrier layer for strength and one for sheen and the final layer for label printing.  The pouch combines the appeal of the traditional airplane bottle with the benefits of flexible packaging – freshness, great tactile feel, recyclability, shelf stability and portability – so the product has universal modality.

Our products can be purchased at your local spirits provider or online through High time Wine Cellars.

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